Tanzania is a favorite Volunteering destination for many Travelers across the Global. Tanzania Offer meaningful Volunteer Programs that cover social and economic development aspect of the Country. Volunteer Programs ranging from Medical and Healthcare, Teaching and Education, Special Needs and Orphanage, Childcare and Elderly care to name a few. 

  • Having an unforgettable and rewarding volunteer experience and an unforgettable cultural experience in Tanzania.
  • Discover the difference that enthusiastic volunteers make in people’s lives.
  • Discover what this land of unforgettable and diverse cultural experiences has to offer while building understanding and friendship with the locals.
  • Dedicated to us, not for us. We are most impressed with your knowledge and, above all, your desire to help.
  • Visit the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Kilimanjaro and more for an unforgettable wilderness experience.


 Nestled in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s most epic peak, you’ll find the small town of Moshi. And this topographical giant is just one of the incredible wonders of nature that you’ll find in the region. During your time as a volunteer in Tanzania with the Chagga community, the people of Moshi, you’ll be working in a landscape full of waterfalls, coffee plantations, and banana fields.

Among the most prevalent issues in Tanzania are those presented by the lack of resources, residual effects of a colonial past, and the impact of HIV/AIDS. Only a little over half of children attend school, and high levels of infant and child mortality prevail. With Mount Kilimanjaro as a stunning backdrop for your volunteer work in Tanzania, you’ll have a chance to work side by side with vulnerable people to build better, healthier futures.


Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that’s most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

The KIVOLEX Education & Literacy Project

Education is highly valued in Tanzania, where you’ll find children with a true love of learning. But sadly, many children are only able to attend school until age 14. Work with The KIVOLEX Education & Literacy Project and you’ll support schools where the teaching staff is highly under-resourced and often unavailable. Help inspire children to foster a lifetime love of learning by introducing engaging new techniques, games, and enthusiasm. Be a part of the transformation; turning an educational system based on rote memorization into a vibrant setting where children can learn and develop on their road to maximizing their human potential.

The KIVOLEX Child Development Project

In Tanzania Kilimanjaro, many children have been orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. These children are often abused or abandoned as their families struggle to provide for their most basic needs. The youngest generations are forced to grow up too quickly. Recapture and share the joy of childhood when you work with The KIVOLEX Child Development Project. As a role model, you’ll challenge a child’s imagination and open it to new possibilities. Your love and attention may be the only opportunity for one-on-one interaction in a child’s day, sparking newfound interest for both learning and play, and contributing to often-needed

The KIVOLEX Support for People with Disabilities Project

In the Tanzania Kilimanjaro region, where families sometimes struggle to provide 3 meals a day, children with disabilities often don’t receive the tools and resources needed to realize their full potential. Individual attention is much needed as children with a range of physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities are placed side-by-side in the same classrooms or care centers. The KIVOLEX Support for People with Disabilities Project works to provide a safe and nurturing space where a community of educators and nurturers join together to support children and their families, while also breaking down harmful community


The impacts of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania are felt across the Kilimanjaro community. Children may be orphaned or even become the primary caregiver in their home. Individuals and families struggle to find support and information to cope with the day-to-day challenges of this serious disease. When you support The KIVOLEX HIV/AIDS Project, you’ll work with the community to promote education, awareness, and fight stigmas. Join hands in solidarity with women, children, and families in Tanzania to encourage understanding and care for those

The KIVOLEX Girls’ & Women’s Empowerment Project

When you educate a woman, you also educate a family and a community. In Tanzania, your work to empower women through education will impact academic success, school attendance rates, and strengthen economic opportunities. Whether you’re teaching English, math, and computer skills to young girls in a child care center, or working with women on small-scale agricultural microfinance activities, your work with The KIVOLEX Girls’ & Women’s Empowerment Project will strengthen the role of women in communities, while improving the self-esteem and self-reliance of individual women and girls

The KIVOLEX Global Health Project

Education is essential for communities, particularly when health issues such as malaria and HIV/AIDS are prominent. As part of The KIVOLEX Global Health Project, your efforts to provide education and outreach surrounding important health topics, and support women and communities in factors that impact the social determinants of health will improve the health of entire communities. By connecting and sharing resources and information, communities are better prepared to take charge of their own healthcare needs.


“By teaching English to our children, volunteers have helped us reach our educational goals for our students. They always have fun new ideas to share.”

“One-to-one tutoring works extremely well for our disadvantaged kids. All of the volunteers give a lot of attention and love to the kids. Lot’s of our students come from large, rigid families that may not pay enough attention to them. When they come to school and KIVOLEX volunteers are here, they get individual attention.”

“For people in our community, not understanding basic English is the same as being illiterate. KIVOLEX volunteers do an excellent job of practicing English with our students, giving them a greater chance of future success.”

“When volunteers visit the families of children impacted by HIV/AIDS, the families feel a sense of relief and solidarity.”



Say hujambo — hello — to your new home on a KIVOLEX staff-led tour of Kilimanjaro. You’ll learn where to find the internet cafes and money exchanges, and how to catch the bus. You’ll also pick up some useful tips on how to navigate the market crowds and haggle with local vendors. You’ll kick your Tanzanian street smarts up a notch or two, and in no time, start to feel comfortable and at home.


If you’re not yet familiar with Africa’s “Big Five,” study up. Soon you’ll be reciting this list of the five most sought after animal encounters on command, and after a visit to Serengeti, you’ll have your own stories to share. Watch as water buffalo graze along a river’s edge, herds of elephants walk out of the African night and into view, leopards zip across grassy flats, rhinos wander between shady oases, and lions sun themselves on rocky outcrops.


Choose the KIVOLEX Home-Base if you’re looking for an experience that comes with 24-hour security, bilingual staff, an instant community of fellow volunteers, and three authentic meals a day. We think it’s the foolproof choice.

Choose Homestay if you are looking for a more independent experience with a local family. This option might be right for you if you’re looking to sharpen already-developed language skills. Our homestay family selection process is thorough, so you can be sure that a KIVOLEX homestay experience is the best!


Reserve your spot today with a deposit of $300! Fees and start dates vary by destination and duration. Apply today to get started. Did you know your out-of-pocket trip costs might be just a fraction of the Cost? Click here to find out how.

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