The rationally of most decisions to Volunteer in Zanzibar 2022 lies in not only the needy nature of the County’s economy but also in the diversity of the tourist attractions the Country has to offer. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, World highest free standing Mount and see the statue of liberty from the top of this mountain. Mt Kilimanjaro Is located In North East part of the country, close to Moshi Town and Arusha City. Decide to join our Volunteer programs in Arusha and Moshi? then you will have an opportunity to enjoy the magnificent view of Mt Kilimanjaro every day.

Try to Volunteer in Zanzibar, also called the Spice Island, Zanzibar is Tanzania’s leading tourist destination. Zanzibar is famous for its beaches and historical tourism. Zanzibar has a rich history and offers the understanding of the formation of most big East African Cities. Zanzibar has beautiful beaches and this alone makes volunteers stay longer even after the end of their Volunteer programs in Tanzania. Destination Zanzibar offers the following in terms of tourist attractions:-

Tourist Attractions for Volunteers in Zanzibar

  • Visit the Prison Island- Zanzibar
  • Stone town tour – Zanzibar
  • Boat trip and Snorkeling in Zanzibar
  • Take spice tour in Zanzibar
  • Visit Jozani forest in Zanzibar
  • Experience Nugwi Beach – Zanzibar

Another Volunteer Opportunity worthwhile to consider is the volunteer in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Program. Tanzania’s Economic capital and also the biggest and most populous city in East and Central Africa, Dar Es Salaam is a must destination to Volunteer. Dar Es Salaam offers easy access to all other tourist attractions and volunteering destinations like Arusha and Zanzibar. Wishing to volunteer in our entire three destinations?  i.e Volunteer in Dar Es Salam, Volunteer in Arusha and Volunteer in Zanzibar, then I would suggest you start with volunteering in Dar Es Salaam and the rest to follow. Serengeti national park is ideal for your Safari or Game drive, not only in Tanzania but also African. This award winning national Park is Africa’s leading national park in terms of popularity and wild animals’ population. Your Visit to Tanzania as a Volunteer is a getaway to experiencing, the unforgettable feeling of touring this 8th wander of the world.

Volunteering in Tanzania is a unique opportunity because of one particular blend. The blend, which is also the talk of the town is that you can easily Volunteer in Zanzibar and enjoy the unforgettable tourist experience of the country, simultaneously. 



Phase 1: Deciding on your Suitable Volunteer in Zanzibar program and Location.

The first thing to do is to decide the volunteer program that you will join. Our destination Tanzania has variety of programs ranging from medical Volunteer Programs to teaching and education volunteer programs. Other programs Include Special needs volunteer programs, sports Volunteer programs, Orphanage Volunteer programs, women development Volunteer programs and community development Volunteer programs.

Depending with your experience and interest you can choose any of those volunteer programs. Its only medical volunteer program that requires special qualifications all other Volunteer programs remain to be consumed by any Volunteer regardless of qualification. We have seen volunteers joining in programs that are different from their career, in an effort to do something different from what they are used to.

In this phase you are also expected to decide on the location of your volunteer program. KIVOLEX offers three different programs locations that is Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar. We are well prepared to serve you in any location of your choice. Feeling like experiencing all three locations? we are fine to accommodate that as well. Let us now see different Volunteer programs to choose in Tanzania:-

  • Medical Volunteer Programs
  • Teaching and Education Volunteer Programs
  • Special Needs Volunteer Programs
  • Sports Volunteer Programs
  • Orphanage Volunteer Programs
  • Women development Volunteer Programs
  • Community Development Volunteer Programs
  • Childcare and Day care Volunteer Programs


Medical Volunteer Programs Tanzania Zanzibar

Medical volunteer programs are among programs that attracts interest of many volunteers. Our Medical Volunteer Programs accommodate not only medical professional Volunteers but also Medical students and Pre-medical students. Our medical Volunteer Programs are available in all our three locations that is Volunteer in Zanzibar Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar. Medical Volunteer programs have subcategories depending on volunteer’s specialization or Interest. These subcategories include the following:-

  • Midwifery and Midwife Zanzibar Volunteer Program
  • Nurse and Nursing Zanzibar Volunteer program
  • Medical students Internship Program in Zanzibar
  • Medical student elective Program in Zanzibar
  • Midwifery elective program Zanzibar
  • Nurse elective Program Zanzibar
  • Dental Care Volunteer program Zanzibar
  • Optician or eye care Volunteer Program
  • Pediatrician Volunteer Program

Teaching and Education Volunteer Program in Tanzania Zanzibar

Teaching and education Volunteer program in Tanzania Zanzibar is a core program. This program is termed a fundamental because of the notion that to develop any community you first have to educate its people. It’s only through education that people can develop and alleviate themselves from poverty.  Just like other programs this programs is also available in all our three location in Tanzania, that is Volunteer in Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar. Below are different subjects that volunteers can assist and teach in Tanzania Zanzibar:-

  • Volunteer teaching English in Zanzibar
  • Volunteer teaching Math in Zanzibar
  • Volunteer teaching Geography in Zanzibar
  • Volunteer teaching sports, games and physical education in Zanzibar
  • Volunteer teaching Science subjects in Zanzibar


Special Needs Volunteer Program Tanzania Zanzibar

Special needs, as it sounds is a project were your efforts and help goes to the children and kids who can’t help themselves, meaning the kind of children with mental retardation. To many volunteers this program is the most rewarding because they believe that these children truly require a lot of help from all well-wishers. This Program needs volunteers to help teach and care for these children.

Sports Volunteer Programs Tanzania Zanzibar

Games and Sport is influential in terms of involving people across countries. But many young people in the world’s poorest countries do not have access to creative games and sports. Our volunteer Games and sports coaches offer precious chances for young people to exercise sports and Games. Some of the various profits are positive marks from building patience, finding cheap ways, physical energy, friendly competition, movement, self-confidence, friendship and a sense of community. It means the significance of hard work and discipline. Our Volunteers provide training, learn tactics, encourage young players, encourage healthy habits and are a positive example for young people.

Orphanage Volunteer Programs Tanzania Zanzibar

Our Orphanage volunteer program offers meaningful and responsible way to volunteer in Zanzibar. Orphanages in Tanzania are a bit different from Orphanages in other parts of the world. In Tanzania Orphans don’t stay at the orphanage but rather come in the morning receive basic needs and education and go back home in the evening. Most of these Orphanages live with relative in extended family system, like Aunt, uncle sisters and bothers. This is program is also available in our entire three volunteer in Zanzibar locations Dar Es Salaam, Arusha and Zanzibar.

Women Development Volunteer Programs Tanzania Zanzibar

Women empowerment is reflected in the whole family empowerment. This is a common saying encouraging people to support women initiated volunteer programs as it is through women that all people in the family can benefit. Most of our Women development Volunteer Programs encourage only female volunteers to participate this is due to the nature of the programs. However a male Volunteer with Special knowledge or special thing to contribute can be allowed to participate. This Program is located in Dar Es Salaam and Arusha only.

Community development Volunteer Programs Tanzania Zanzibar

KIVOLEX Volunteers in this program can create business plans for the community, lead women empowerment classes and share knowledge with the community. You can also identify problems, identify assets, acquire resources, analyze local energy systems, assess people’s needs, and explore other issues within the community.


Childcare and Daycare Volunteer Program Tanzania Zanzibar

The Country has few daycare and childcare centers; however these few centers are still without qualified teacher and trainers. Most of children in Tanzania don’t go through daycare or childcare due to hardship in life. A good number of Volunteers are needed in these centers to help local teachers with teaching and taking care of the children and babies while parent have gone to look for daily bread.

Phase 2: Choosing an Ideal organization to manage your Trip. In this case KIVOLEX is your Organization.

In the second stage we expect Volunteers to decide the organization they will be travelling with. Once decided volunteers should ask as many questions as possible in order to be very comfortable about the trip. Here Volunteers also needs to conform their travelling dates, staring and end dates. They should also inquire about the kind of accommodation they will be getting, if it’s a Volunteer house or a home stay. Also volunteers should confirm if Airport pickup is available and if not then, volunteers should inquire how to get to the accommodation.

At this point we expect volunteers to reserve their spot with their volunteer organization by at least paying the deposit. In our case Volunteer should pay at least 15% of the total volunteering fee.

Phase 3: Get all the necessary documents to let you Volunteer in Zanzibar i.e. flight, Visa, insurance, Permits etc.

To insure that your trip is according to plans, a volunteer should make sure he/she gets documents like booking for your return flight, getting your Visa, buying your insurance is also very important for international travelling. You are also advised to get all the required permits to be allowed to volunteer in Zanzibar. We advise volunteers to contact us regarding this section as we have recommendations and suggestion that are vital for volunteers to be aware of. Our team is always available to assist our volunteers at any stage of preparations.

Phase 4: Complete and make your final payments.

At this stage Volunteers are advice to complete paying for their final volunteering fees and then starting packing and preparing for your trip. On request, we will be giving you a complete list of what to pack, so as it can guide you through the process.

Phase 5: Travel to Tanzania and enjoy unforgettable Volunteering experience

At this stage we will be waiting for you at the Airport. We will welcome you to Tanzania and host you during your entire volunteering stay, while you enjoy volunteering, traveling and touring the country.  Don’t forget to leave a review at the end of your trip, so that other travelers can learn what to expect in this trip of a life time.


Zanzibar is part of Tanzania and Tanzania is a big country; it is almost three times the size of Italy. We allow Volunteers to volunteer anywhere in the country form the North to the South, East to west.  Tanzania has around 30 administrative regions apart from Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar Island is separate and has its own administrative regions.

Although Tanzania is big, but organization that run volunteer programs in Tanzania, mostly cover not more than six (6) locations and these are:-

  • Arusha City
  • Moshi Town
  • Dar Es salaam City
  • Dodoma City
  • Mwanza City
  • Zanzibar

The main reason why these locations mostly attract volunteers is because of their geographical location. Most of these places have access to international airports. So it becomes easy for volunteers to travel to these areas. However it is also easy to access basic needs from these locations compared to other locations in the country. Services such as

  • Good Hospital,
  • Evacuation means,
  • ATMs machines,
  • Bank,
  • Transport,
  • Electricity
  • Water

Are easy accessible in these locations. Safety of our volunteers is also very important and that is why we put efforts in selecting locations that can assure them of their security.

Hence if you are thinking of where to volunteer then choose anyone of the six locations mentioned above and you will definitely find something to do in those areas.


An Investment in terms of money is needed to volunteer in Zanzibar. Most volunteer programs in Tanzania are not very expensive. They are actually in a range where most volunteer can afford and even students. To answer the question how much it would cost you to volunteer in Zanzibar; we have to look at several factors that determine volunteer fee. These factors include:

  • The Type of organization you are volunteering with
  • The type of accommodation you have chosen
  • The type of Program you have selected
  • The location of that particular program

In most cases, volunteer program fee wouldn’t exceed $300 per week. Most Volunteer fees are in a range of $150 per week to $300 per week. The above factors determine what the program volunteer fee is. On top of the volunteer fee, you you still need additional budget of at least $150 per week for your won daily expenditures.  These costs do not include the cost of your weekend trips, tours and safaris.


The major types of Volunteering in Tanzania can be simply group into four (4) major groups. These groups are believed to represent all other subtypes of volunteering in Tanzania. Before we look into these different types of volunteering in Tanzania, you have to note that almost 98% of all volunteers in Tanzania are free volunteers, meaning in Tanzania Volunteers are not paid at all. Now let dive and see the different types of Volunteering in Tanzania:-

  • Medical Volunteering in Tanzania
  • Social Volunteering in Tanzania
  • Community Volunteering in Tanzania
  • Educational and teaching Volunteering in Tanzania

The list above represents the types of Volunteering in Tanzania. Having questions questions regarding this? please feel free to ask us and our team will be more than happy to elaborate to you.


Why volunteer in Zanzibar in 2022? At this point, you could be asking yourself this question. There are hundreds of volunteer sites around the globe, so you may be wondering why Volunteer in Zanzibar. I am going to show you some reasons why volunteers choose destination Tanzania.

Meaningful Volunteer work in Tanzania has been progressively growing in modern years. This factor alone is an important indicator that Tanzania has a lot to offer. However, we have decided to break down for you, main factors our volunteers use to deciding on destination Tanzania. These factors are:-

  • Ideal Country position
  • Meaningful Projects
  • Local talents and language
  • Natural Attractions
  • Value for money


We have two types of accommodations in our of locations of Arusha and Dar Es Salaam. In Zanzibar we only have one accommodation type and that is Volunteer house.

Volunteer House

The House used for Volunteers is a modern one and hence offers modern accommodation. The house has five bed rooms and all rooms are equipped with bunk beds for easy sharing of the room with other Volunteers. The house has two bathrooms and all our bathrooms are modern and western style bathrooms.

Hot water for shower is not guaranteed but you could have it occasionally.  The house is very secure and safe; it is within a compound with a wall fence and a large metal gate. There is always a security guide making sure everything is secure. We have a cook and a house manager who are always at the house to make sure volunteers are well fed and that there is order in the house.

Homestay Accommodation

Life at the homestay is basic and at least all our homestays have electric and running water. All our homestays are safe and secure. However, Some volunteers prefer home stays because to them the authentic felling of volunteering in Africa is important and they believe that can be achieved by staying in a homestay. All homestay are well inspected and vetted to make sure our volunteers stay in very secure accommodation.


You will receive two meals a day. Breakfast usually consists of tea (toast), toast, cereals, fruit and mandazi (fried flour). Dinner is usually served with meat and vegetables such as charcoal, pancakes, squash and standalone.


  • Program placement and supervision.
  • Support and Preparation of your trip before arrival.
  • We only do Airport pick up (You are responsible to arrange your own transport to the Airport on your last day).
  • Orientation which also include town tour
  • Accommodation Room & Food (Breakfast & Dinner)
  • Your Room housekeeping
  • Dedicated local coordinator

Your Volunteer Fee doesn’t include the following

  • $150 USD contribution to placement facility
  • Airport transport on departure (can be arranged)
  • VISA and PERMIT fees
  • Wifi (You have to pay for internet access).


All fees are in US $

Length of Program Program Fee
2 weeks $570
4 weeks $880
6 weeks $1,280
8 weeks $1,685
10 weeks $2,085
12 weeks $2,355
Registration Fee $210
Additional Week $120




It is very important to understand (and accept!) That Tanzanian culture is completely different from what you are accustomed to. Therefore, it is imperative to open your mind and arrive in Tanzania. Ask them to travel in a “follow the flow” attitude. You need to be motivated, motivated and motivated by minimizing your daily driving. It is especially important to understand that the cost of the program and volunteers alone will not change the living conditions or livelihoods of the local population, nor will your actions produce immediate solutions.

But what you bring to them spiritually can change their lives forever. Maybe yours will change.

You should look forward to a modern home with common living and dining room. Accommodation has electricity, share Bedroom, BBQ.  Foods are being set by the staff to share with the family/Volunteers. Expect a mixture of western and local food – Incase you want something, there are supermarkets in Dar es Salaam. The time is now; join this unforgettable volunteer in Zanzibar trip of a life time.


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