Special Needs Volunteer Projects Abroad


    Are you a patient and compassionate person who wants to help people with mental and physical disabilities? KIVOLEX offers a wide range of special needs and volunteer special education opportunities for travelers, students, primary care physicians, nurses, physiotherapists and others.

    KIVOLEX offers affordable and special volunteer programs in Africa, Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and the Pacific.

    As specialized service providers, we work in specialized centers and schools to support a variety of activities, such as nutrition, physical education, education, skills development and recreational activities, as well as placement in care.

    • Choose from 18 special programs that visit 18 locations around the world
    • Volunteer with special education staff in centers and schools
    • Promotes better access to the health and well-being of people with disabilities
    • Gain valuable clinical, educational and athletic experience

    Special Needs volunteer projects abroad


    What do you Expect from Special Needs Volunteer Projects abroad?

    KIVOLEX has a variety of specialized services. Whether you are looking for a job, a voluntary special education class, or just want to entertain people with disabilities. We plan to meet your goals.

    Your area of expertise will vary depending on the site, but your role will be to work closely with school and facility staff.  hence provide peer-to-peer training to the people you work with and care for. Ka promotes the effects of good health and well-being.

    If you would like to work with young people, the Guatemalan Special Needs Program can provide assistance to children with disabilities and disabilities. If you would like to volunteer for special education, please join the Jamaican Special Education Program. This is a unique opportunity to provide educational support targeted at a community college.


     Special needs volunteer program support


    Why Join a Special Needs Volunteer program Abroad?

    Individual treatment is very important for people with disabilities. People in poor resource communities often do not get the help they need.

    As service providers, we support essential social services and provide people with disabilities with special care, attention and cooperation. It is a unique way of adding value to a community and at the same time gaining practical experience of volunteering with people with disabilities. Your time and energy directly support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Goals # 3: Health and Wellness. Goals # 10, Reducing Inequality.

    The KIVOLEX Special Needs Program is available year-round and is ideal for compassionate and compassionate people. People who want to help people with physical and mental disabilities.


    Special needs volunteer opportunities abroad